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Cotton Rags

Premium 100% Cotton Rags are ideal for general cleaning, applying furniture wax, furniture polish, furniture cleaner, oil finishes, stains or any job where a highly absorbent, low-lenting and dye-free cotton rag is vital.

Feather Duster

This is a beautiful handmade ostrich feather duster with stained laquered wooden handle and leather loop. This feather duster is made using fine ostrich feathers that have been carefully selected, washed and treated.

Microfiber Dusting Cloth

Extra Plush Microfiber Dust Cloth is super thick, super soft, and ideal for dusting fine furniture, antiques, paneling, and many other surfaces. The size of this microfiber cloth (16"x16").

Microfiber Hand Duster

This Microfiber Hand Duster is light weight and low profile, making it perfect for dusting furniture, cabinet shelves, window blinds, tv screens, computers, etc. The super soft microfiber head is safe for dusting all wood finishes and surfaces.