Antique Restoration Services

We offer estate maintenance, repair and restoration of antiques, fine furniture and antique leather, with respect and consideration to the historical value of each piece. Expert on site touch up, color correction, French polishing, cleaning, reviving and waxing of fine antiques, fine wood and wood furniture, as well as, cleaning and deep conditioning of antique leather. In our shop we are able to preform more complex and comprehensive restorations such as but not limited to the repair of broken pieces, duplication and replacement of missing pieces i.e. carvings, turnings, veneer, etc., color and finish reviving and restoration of finishes such as French polish, shellac, lacquer, oil and paste wax finishes.

Our history includes more than 25 years experience in antique furniture restoration, furniture design, construction and maintenance of antiques and fine furniture. Past projects have included a small line of bench made furniture, which was sold through design showrooms in Houston, Dallas and Los Angles. The furniture was released under the name R. Richardson Ltd. and also included a limited edition collection of eight architectural stair models. The architectural models and furniture were meticulously reproduced, with permission, from the private collection of a well known New York collector.

Other projects have included numerous commissions, antique restorations, including wood and leather restoration, and custom part fabrication for fine automobiles such as Rolls Royce, Aston Martin and Jaguar.

Today, our primary interest is providing professionals in the antique furniture restoration industry, as well as discriminating homeowners, the finest furniture care products and antique furniture restoration supplies available. Our background in furniture making and antique furniture restoration has given us a unique opportunity to test all of the products that we sell. Many of these products and antique furniture restoration supplies are used in our shop and by other furniture care specialists on a daily basis.

Here is a small sampling of the furniture care and restoration services that we provide;

* On-Site Cleaning, Polishing & Waxing
* On-Site Maintenance, Repair & Touch Up
* Repair & Restoration of Wood & Leather
* Water & Flood Damage Restoration
* Damaged Cabinet Fabric & Upholstery Replacement
* Insect Remediation & Damage Repair